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LJCarpetCareSD gives the best carpet cleaning service in San Diego. We can help clean carpets, Upholstery Furniture, tile and grout, remove pet stains, and clean area rugs. It doesn’t matter how big your home is – we can help with any size! Contact us today to make an appointment for carpet cleaning.

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We provide top-notch carpet cleaning services and your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Our advanced technology, skilled team, and personalized service make us stand out from the rest.


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"I can only recommend the carpet cleaner. I am very satisfied with their service. Everyone is super nice, friendly, and always surprised by their professional work and punctuality. They keep what they promise. Thank you, and I am always happy."
Denise Gibson
"We recently had our three carpets cleaned by a service provider, after years of not cleaning them. In the past, I tried to wash them using a machine at home, but they never felt as clean and soft, nor looked as vibrant as they do now. This service is amazing, as they pick up the carpets from our apartment and return them once they are cleaned. Even when I was unsure about which packaging option to use, they were quick to advise me."
Lisa Kennedy


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